Technical Terms FAQ’s


Abbreviations & symbols

  • µ – microns
  • mm – millimetres
  • m – metres
  • lm – linear metres
  • sqm – square metres
  • ltr(s) – litre(s)
  • DFT – dry film thickness
  • WFT – wet film thickness

What is a micron?

A micron is 1/1000th of a millimetre. It’s symbol is µ (Alt 230 or 0181 on a standard

How do I convert wet film thickness to dry film thickness?

Wet Film Thickness (µ) x Solids by Volume (%) = Dry Film Thickness (µ)

How do I convert dry film thickness to wet film thickness?

Dry Film Thickness (µ) x 100 = Wet Film Thickness (µ)
Solids by Volume (%)

What is the theoretical coverage of paint?

Solids by Volume (%) x 10 = Coverage (sqm/ltr)
Dry Film Thickness (µ)

How can I work out the amount of paint needed?

This calculation gives the theoretical requirement but this does not take into account
any wastage.

Area (sqm) x Dry Film Thickness (µ) = Litres Required
Solids by Volume (%) x 10