Blast Cleaning


  • Warehouse and factory floorsBlast Cleaning
  • Structural steelwork
  • Paint removal
  • OEM products
  • Brick cleaning
  • Structural timbers
  • Building facades
  • Monuments
  • Graffiti removal
  • Surface etching
  • Rust removal
  • De-scaling

Preparation, Cleaning, Coating Removal
Whether it’s preparation for a subsequent treatment, such as painting, or to smarten up tired and dirty brickwork, we have the expertise for the job. Blast cleaning is often used to remove paint, corrosion, oxidisation and graffiti. It is also a tried and tested method of creating a key to aid the adhesion of coatings. From large warehouse and factory floors to historic listed buildings, we have the capability to undertake a broad spectrum of projects.

Vacuum & Wet Blasting
Vacuum blasting allows us to work with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. We use wet blasting on more delicate surfaces such as old brick and stonework.

Cabinet Blasting
For movable items, we have our own large capacity in house Guyson blast cleaning cabinet. With this we can undertake everything from one-off projects to large batch runs. A selection of blast media allows us to tailor the finish to your requirements.